All routes are from the 2022 event and will likely change for the 2023 event.

Just want to ride and enjoy the scenery without the pressure of a race? We have a beginner friendly 40 mile route that is just for fun, and can be enjoyed at your own pace.

40 mile Fun Route:

The 100 and 200K routes will be mostly gravel, with the potential for a B level dirt road or two. This area is significantly hilly, with grades mostly in the 8-10% range. Expect minimal pavement.

100K, 200K loop 1 route:

200K loop2:

The Mann Powered 380 is a mixed surface route that is roughly 70% gravel / 30% pavement. Supported racers will be able to meet with their crew at predefined locations, roughly 25-50 miles apart. Crew support will not be allowed outside of those locations. For those racing self supported, the route will pass by convenience stores, and a drop bag service will be available. Preliminary route and support location information is posted below.

All 380 mile participants will be required to carry a GPS tracking device, for the duration of the race. Our live tracking service is being provided by Follow My Challenge. Once you have registered for the event, you will be able to rent a device, or register your personal Spot or Garmin InReach with Follow My Challenge.